Friday, February 29, 2008

Make Money Online Like This Kid – He’s only 14 for chrissakes

When I hear stories like the one about Carl Ocab I wonder what the heck is happening to this world. Here you have a 14 year old who has the no.1 spot on Google for the competitive keywords “Make Money Online” and he is doing it too, very successfully. They call him the kidblogger and he is good.

If you go to Carl’s site you will see in his About Me column that was actually born a year ago. Are you with me? That actually means that he was 13 when he decided to unleash his talents on the blogosphere, and the world has never been the same since. Carl seems quite candid as he lets on how his father inspired and helped him to navigate the world of the internet and more specifically internet marketing. Phew! At least there was some input from an adult here. He also makes us privy to his failures as he first blogged about tech issues, gossip news, then health etc. before his make money online venture. Importantly too he lets us know how he and his father thought about the appropriate name for weeks in order to find that best wording that would make his blog stand out and draw curious viewers.

This kid appears to be the real Mckoy. His posts contain some serious stuff explained in a comprehensible way. One, which of course is a hit, is “How I snatched the throne in Google”. With a heading like that how could you not click the link? He does make assumptions that you know the meaning of the internet marketing terms for eg. SEO and permalinks, but if you don’t you really shouldn’t be on Carl’s site or any other internet marketing one for that matter. Not yet, learn the basics first then come back because then Carl makes it look easy. As he says, “all you have to do is know the basics and treat Google like a 3 year old boy looking for the cookie jar in a big kitchen.” Out of the mouth of babes!

He gives some sensible tips which include of course “Think of a catchy, entertaining and easy to remember title”. He certainly put his money where his mouth is. Now I realize that I definitely need to jazz up my title.

What caught my attention though were the comments on content which I found in two different posts. The first is “Start Posting Real Content – The Real Challenge He states, “Keep your promises, research and be sure about your facts and give them the REAL content.” Okay, that is sound advice, but then he tells us elsewhere “If you generate more and more content, do you think your traffic will also increase? Nah.” Ouch what is happening here? If my writing is fantastic, brimming with useful facts that persons are just dying to learn, I won’t get visitors to my site. Why not? Carl gives us the answer, with the right marketing, it will. Marketing without content, is dumb. So I consider content, as part of marketing.”

As I absorbed more and more of Carl’s tips I wondered to myself whether this child went to school regularly, whether he slept and whether he was indeed the real McKoy. His writing was good and his tips were sensible, practical, intelligent, even arrogant but in some case also tinged with a kind of adult cynicism. Take this gem, “Our passion is to make money – not writing. So why do you need to be passionate about your niche? You can always hire writers who are passionate enough to write good articles for you.” Again he is good to his word, as I learned later that Carl does have guest writers.

I was still uncomfortable and did some further research to discover that Carl himself anticipated the skepticism. He points out on his blog that he learned the hard way about the importance of getting enough sleep. He has some strong detractors however who doubt whether he is the true person behind the blog. There is some suspicion that it could really be his father who is himself a marketer. Young Carl and his dad have conducted interviews, responded to queries and engaged in other public relations activities to dispel the cynical, distrustful, bloggers who certainly aren’t as successful as him. They would be pleased to note that I found a dead link on Carl’s site. Carl has discovered rather early that in the adult word, life is not easy.

We have no evidence to prove that Carl Ocab is not the real thing and so we have to accept him as a 14 year old internet marketing genius who credits his father a lot for his success. We certainly hope however that he is living somewhat of a normal life of a teenager. It is not necessary to take on the adult lifestyle too soon and it is not possible to reclaim your childhood.

One last point, have you all noticed that the successful bloggers are usually those who blog about making money online? Go figure!


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