Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Leap Day

Well since this is a Friday and a date which won't occur again for another four years time, I have decided to take things lightly and advise you of some great offers.

How about checking out Fat Wallet for some Leap Year trivia, hundreds of cash back merchant offers from Office Depot, Walmart, Sears and Zappos and other great deals on spring things. Also why not play the LEAP TRIVIA GAME to win prizes. This game ends on March 15.

Slickdeals also has some great clearance deals and some coupons which will soon expire. Head over there and grab some bargains.

Then there is the contest blogger forum a popular online source for a wide range of contests ranging from blogosphere, photography, writing, poetry and regular sweepstakes. Did I mention the coupons and free samples? What are you waiting for, hurry and check them out.

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