Sunday, February 24, 2008

5 Unusual Businesses - Why Didn't I Think of That?

Sometimes it originates out of your own needs, or it may be that you just have a unique talent or you had too much of the stuff lying about or you were just in the right place at the right time. What is this all about you may be thinking. Well have you ever enjoyed an unusual product or a service and then wondered, why didn’t I think of that? Well here is a catalog of 5 unusual and successful businesses which you just didn’t think of.

  1. Toy Rental – If you have two or three young kids, you sure do have lots of toys cluttering your house. Why not rent them out like this mom who formed Baby Plays did? Make sure you test them for lead paint though.
  2. College Storage and Shipping – Those of you who study away at school know that right before the summer you have to pack up and move out of your dorms and storage is often a problem. These students formed Boxmydorm to store and/or ship your college stuff comprising anything from fridges to futons.
  3. Geese Police – Some golf course and park operators really find that geese can be a nuisance. This former golf course superintendent is now earning six figures as he needed to find something that his border collie could do.
  4. Infant Stimulation – When this mom was expecting her first child she became interested in products that would stimulate her baby and was born with gift baskets containing developmental products not the usual lotion and powder.
  5. Personalized ChocolatesThis lawyer and his interior designer wife bought out a business which provides Hershey candy bars with personalized wrappers with everything from your baby’s birth announcement to for your 16th birthday chocolate bar all wrapped up with your photo on it.
So if you have stuff lying around or if you are looking for a business to provide a service for you maybe you could just start a business doing it for yourself and others. Which reminds me, if you would like some tips on the legal structure of your start-up business you should check out as to the right kind of business for you to start which gives you the fundamentals and advantages/disadvantages of the different types of business entities from sole proprietorships to C-corporations.


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